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Using PDF files

It should first be noted that many modern web browsers are configured to open PDF files right in a browser window. If your browser does this, you can view, navigate, and/or print the PDF right from your browser. If you wish to save a copy, try using the "File" menu's "Save as..." command, or look for an icon in the browser's PDF toolbar.

If you are viewing the file in Acrobat Reader:

To Open these (*.PDF) files you need Acrobat Reader (or any of a number of programs that are available, including Foxit Reader, Apple Preview, and some ebook readers). Acrobat Reader is free and can be downloaded from get.adobe.com/reader. For support and links for more information and previous versions, see www.adobe.com/support/reader/

To View pdf files in Full Screen, select Full Screen from the View menu.
To leave Full Screen View, click Escape key.
To go to the first page of a document, Click the Home key
To go to the last page of a document, Click the End key
To go to the next page of a document, Click the Right Arrow key
To go to the previous page of a document, Click the Left Arrow key
To enlarge appearance of text, Select Zoom from View menu
To Print pdf files select, Print from File menu