Slide Show Presentations

Leaf for Life has prepared a number of presentations (in the style of a slide show) that may be of interest to groups or classes. We would be happy to provide these on CD. Contact us for requests.

These are Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files: Note: To view these from your browser, you will need Adobe Acrobat's Web Plug-in. For a better slide show you should view these presentations from Acrobat Reader, rather than from the browser plug-in. For further information please see: (Installing and using Acrobat Reader)

  • Nutritional Transition in Mexico
  • 5-a-Day
  • Introduction
  • Greens and Nutrition
  • Plants with Edible Green Leaves
  • Growing Leaf Crops
  • Drying Green Leaves in the Sun
  • Build your own Solar Dryer
  • Leaf Concentrate
  • Green Leaves and the Environment
  • Foods Made with Green Leaves
  • Faces of Leaf for Life

  • La Introducción
  • Las Verduras y la Nutrición
  • Las Plantas con Hojas Verdes Comestibles
  • Cultivando las Hojas Verdes
  • Secando las Hojas Verdes en el Sol
  • Construir tu Propio Secador Solar
  • El Concentrado de la Hoja Verde
  • Las Hojas Verdes y el Medio Ambiente
  • Las Comidas Hechas con Hojas Verdes
  • Las Caras de Hoja para la Vida
  • Transicíon Nutricíonal en México

  • Introdução
  • As Verduras e a Nutrição
  • As Plantas com Verdes Folhas Comestíveis
  • Cultivando as Folhas Verdes
  • Secando as Folhas Verdes no Sol
  • Construir seu Próprio Secador Solar
  • O Concentrado de Folha
  • As Folhas Verdes e o Meioambiente
  • Os Alimentos Feitos com Folhas Verdes
  • Rostos de Folha a Vida