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Sister Organizations

Leaf for Life works with several organizations that have been involved in developing practical ways to use leaf crops to improve the health of people throughout the world. We greatly value their cooperation and enthusiasm. Some of these organizations are listed below.  

Find Your Feet (England)

37-39 Great Guildford St.
London, SE 1 OES
e-mail: fyf@gn.apc.org
Find Your Feet is a British NGO that did much of the pioneering work of developing small-scale leaf concentrate techniques. They have managed nutrition intervention and income generation programs based on improved use of leaf crops in perhaps a dozen tropical countries. Their work no longer specializes in use of leaf crops, but they remain very active in village development programs in India and Southern Africa.    

Hoja para la Vida - Mexico (Mexico)

Hojas para la Vida -Mexico
Calle J. Jose Altimirano # 23
Col. Volcanes C.P. 58115
Morelia, Michoacan
tel. 52 431 27 1497
e-mail: hojavmex@yahoo.com.mx

Hoja para la Vida specializes in teaching rural women how to make inexpensive solar dryers and how to use them to dry leaf crops. Their workshops include using the dried leaf meal in traditional foods and growing the leaf crops using sustainable methods.

To view a PDF file of a booklet of recipes developed by this group (In Spanish) click on Recetario.

Caritas/Pastoral Social Programa de Hoja Verde (Mexico)

1 de Mayo # 335
Morelia, Michoacan CP 58000
tel: 52 431 29890
fax: 52 431 21000 or 52 431 27040
e-mail: caritmor@mich1.telmex.net.mx
Pastoral -Social/Caritas produces and distributes alfalfa leaf concentrate and promotes the use of dried leaf meals in the states of Michoacan and Guanajuato. They feel that increased use of leaf concentrate and meal could have a very significant beneficial impact on the health of the low-income rural population in Michoacan and could create badly needed local sources of employment for women who could produce it.

Soynica (Nicaragua)

Aptdo RP-05
157 Centro Comercial
e-mail: soynica@ns.sdnnic.org.ni
Soynica is a national women's organization dedicated to improving the health of children by educating women in the production and use of soy products and leaf concentrate.

PASBOL - Programa de Alimentacion Suplementaria (Bolivia)

Soria Galvarro #5333
Casilla 783
Tel: 052 56070
PASBOL is a group that for 15 years has produced and distributed leaf concentrate, mainly from alfalfa, to several children's centers. They work with many NGO's to increase awareness of the potential of leaves to prevent or reverse childhood malnutrition.

SASOP - Assistance Service for Rural Popular Organizations (Brazil)

c/o Liliana Pires
Rua Tamaos312 Apto 502
Ed. Morada do Rio Vermelho
Salvador, Bahia,
BRAZIL 41940 140
e-mail: liliana@ongba.org.br
SASOP is an NGO created in 1989 in Salvador, capital of Bahia state, Brazil. Its aim is to contribute in the sustainable rural development that recovers the peasant's culture and citizenship. They have begun to integrate the use of solar dried leaf meal into many of their training workshops.

A P E F - Association Pour la Promotion des Extaits Foliaires en Nutrition (France)

Siege Social : 8, Rue d'Athenes
75009 Paris
tel 33 3 26 8175 05
fax 33 3 26 8175 05
APEF is a non -governmental association, established to study, perfect, evaluate, then develop the innovative use concentrates or extracts of the leaves of lucerne (alfalfa) and some other green vegetables as a complement in the diets of malnourished people. They are interested in both village scale and industrial production of leaf concentrates. 


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