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US National Agricultural Library, the largest agricultural library in the world, has recently opened a Web gateway to its AGRICOLA (AGRICultural OnLine Access) database.
Plantlink uses the USDA's list of 85,000 plant genus/species names to guide you in searching for web sites which refer to those species. You can search by common or scientific name.
ECHO - Educational Concerns for Hunger is a non-profit, Christian organization dedicated to the fight against world hunger. Their web site has excellent information for small scale tropical agriculture, including ECHO Development Notes in both Spanish and English, and a good selection of tropical food crop seeds.
VITA - Volunteers in Technical Assistance manages a good site for appropriate technology information. They cover agriculture, food processing, communications, renewable energy, water and sanitation, and transportation.
Center for New Crops & Plant Products, at Purdue University covers the search for new and unconventional food crops.
This site has the very useful booklet
"Legume Species as Leaf Vegetables" by Robert P. Barrett
Texas A & M operates this site with a great deal of information on vegetable production.
It includes a large collection of on-line agricultural and food clip art.
The State of the World's Children: Focus on Nutrition 1998 UNICEF
This is a downloadable version of a recent UN study on children and nutrition, including several interesting Microsoft Excel statistical files.
The Garden Spider's Web is a big site with many good links of interest to gardeners.
Micronutrient Project operated by the Federation of American Scientists, covers the effort to develop crops that will better meet the world's micronutrient requirements.
American Botanical Council This site covers the field of botanical medicine.
The Blonz Guide is an up to date nutrition information clearing house run by Dr. Blonz , a researcher and columnist covering food and nutrition.
Nutrition Action Healthletter presents strong, clear and up to date coverage of nutrition information. Very oriented towards trying to help Americans improve their diet.
Dole 5 a Day is managed by the giant food company. This site has good public education material oriented towards helping kids eat more fruits and vegetables.
International Development Research Centre is a large well organized Canadian site dealing with international development issues.
Rodale Institute deals with regenerative agriculture both in the U.S. and internationally.


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