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Extending Your 5 A Day Harvest

Get a Head Start on Summer

Greens and other vegetables can get an early start in this miniature greenhouse made of concrete reinforcing wire covered with polyethylene. The easiest covering to use is 4-year greenhouse grade 6-mil polyethylene. Unfortunately it is often available only in large rolls at farm supply stores. Ask local greenhouse operators if you can buy a small amount. They often have extra. While there is an environmental cost to manufacturing the plastic sheeting, it is far less than that of shipping produce thousands of miles.

 Shelter from the Sun

The same type of wire frame covered with old sheer curtains can extend the season for cool weather crops like lettuce and spinach by protecting them from the hot summer sun. Used clothing stores often have old curtains very cheap. Floating row cover or Remay can also be used. It can be bought at garden supply stores.

Grow in the Snow

 You can put the polyethylene sheeting back on with clothespins and grow hardy greens deep into the winter. In mild winter areas you can enjoy delicious fresh salad greens year round with your mini-greenhouse and a little bit of planning.

All you can Eat

If you have the space and enjoy gardening, you can produce all the salad your family can eat in a simple attached greenhouse. These can be built on to a garage or shed or onto your house. There are lots of plans for small greenhouses to fit any budget.


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